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Open Evening – 23rd May 4pm – 5.30pm please call 01282 682260 for more information
Please let us know by 8.15am if your child is going to be absent from school by telephoning 01282 682260 and choosing option 1. Alternatively you can use the parent app or email attendance@pchs.lancs.sch.uk.
Open Evening – 23rd May 4pm – 5.30pm please call 01282 682260 for more information
Open Evening – 23rd May 4pm – 5.30pm please call 01282 682260 for more information

British Values


Within school we take very seriously our role in encouraging our pupils and students to be ‘the best they can be’ and take their rightful place within the community. We promote positive regard for all of our young people and those within our community and have high standards of behaviour and tolerance of difference.Our curriculum is holistic addressing academic, social, behavioural, medical and postural needs. The curriculum is designed to meet all needs and has a strong emphasis upon social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.In this respect we aim to develop and maximise our pupils understanding of:


  • Right from wrong both in personal actions and the actions of others,
  • Tolerance of others including those who have different opinions and beliefs,
  • Respect for others and their way of life.

For each individual pupil/student we aim to:

  • Maximise their self-esteem, academic self-esteem and self-confidence both within school and the wider community
  • Maximise their understanding of harmony between people and within a community
  • Enable them to partake in democratic processes at their level of understanding and advocate for those who require a voice in the democratic process
  • Maximise their understanding of their community, the institutions within the community and the role of members of that community. In addition how they, as an adult, can influence who makes decisions within a community and the country at large.

Through a whole school approach and as part of PSHE and Skills for Life lessons we develop our pupils understanding of:

  • How rules and laws protect people and their well-being, keeping them safe.
  • How within any diverse community the rules and laws allow people freedom of choice and freedom of belief.
  • How within any community friends, colleagues and neighbours can hold different beliefs on many issues but these should be tolerated
  • How we can all prevent discrimination.

Within school we have 2 active school councils and regularly seek pupil feedback via questionnaires and question and answer sessions. Our regular newspaper ‘Fabulous School’ seeks interviews with staff and shares information from the community. Our community visits ensure pupils see different aspects of the community in which they live and also experience Lancashire, England and European cultures.

Click here to view our activities which promote british values and SMSC.


Pendle Community High School & College
Pendle Vale Campus, Oxford Road, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 8LF
Tel: 01282 682260

Headteacher: Debra Grogan
Chair of Governors: Trevor Ashton (Address c/o above)

Receptionist: Samantha Gray (M,T,W)
Alison Boothman (T,F)
E-mail: reception@pchs.lancs.sch.uk


Paper copies of the information on our website can be requested via email

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