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OPEN EVENTS: 3RD OCTOBER 16:30 – 17:30 & 4TH OCTOBER: 9:30 – 10:30
Please let us know by 8.15am if your child is going to be absent from school by telephoning 01282 682260 and choosing option 1. Alternatively you can use the parent app or email attendance@pchs.lancs.sch.uk.
OPEN EVENTS: 3RD OCTOBER 16:30 – 17:30 & 4TH OCTOBER: 9:30 – 10:30

Catch up Funding


The government announced additional funding to support children and young people to catch up lost time after school closure. Schools have been guided to use this funding for specific activities to support their pupils to catch up for lost teaching over the previous months, in line with the curriculum expectations.

While schools can use their funding in a way that suits their cohort and circumstances, they are expected to use this funding for specific activities which will help pupils catch up on missed education. 

Pendle Community High School expects to receive £240 for each place in school for the 2020 to 2021 academic year and will be received in 3 instalments 

·         Autumn instalment –  £7,260

·         Spring instalment – £13,180

·         Summer instalment – £14,600

Total £35,040 – academic year 20/21


What is the impact of COVID – 19 and lockdown on students

  • Children are likely to be experiencing worry, anxiety and fear
  • Children have less opportunities to be with their friends and get that social support that is essential for good mental well-being.
  • Children have lost skills and reduced engagement with academic lessons
How will the funding be spent?How much is allocated?Target Pupils?Why are we spending this money in this way? What is the expected impact on these pupils?
Academic subscriptions in case of remote learning:

IXL - £725
Bug Club - £3246
IDL - £200
Purple Mash - £450
£4621All pupils can accessIt is necessary to have engaging websites for students to learn from and can use independently, This is particularly so for supporting remote learning
Mental health and wellbeing including Thrive, Lego therapy£5,828All pupils eligibleAll students have experienced some social and emotional trauma. Several have associated behavioural issues and poor social skills.

This will provide early interventions for students who are experiencing particular concerns and anxieties including ‘Drawing and Talking’ and ‘Managing Worries’
Enhanced social development and interaction and improved emotional well-being. Reduction in frequency, severity and generalisation of inappropriate behaviour.

Reduction in anxieties (often causing barriers to learning) and increased wellbeing and readiness to learn.
Small group music therapy & individualised lessons.19,000All pupils can accessTo address numerous social interaction and communication needs through the medium of music singing and signing).Improved social interaction and communication skills.
Increased Outdoor education
Forest Schools and Outdoor activities
3,000All pupils can accessNeed equipment to set up a Forest School at Boothman Park, Additional equipment for Outdoor Activities.Increased outdoor ed and F/sc is scientifically proven to support emotional, behavioural and intellectual development. Students will develop: a sense of self, independence, confidence, creativity, decision-making and problem-solving skills, empathy towards others, motor skills, self-discipline and initiative.
ICT upgrades£2591StaffIncreased RAM and memory to improve staff laptops to support access to remote learningImproved memory and RAM to support remote learning

Total spend £35,040


What is Year 7 Catch up Funding?

Year 7 Catch Up funding is additional funding allocated to publicly funded schools to help raise the achievements of year 7 pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

PCHS&C had 22 x Year 7 children who are eligible for Year 7 Catch Up funding of £500/student

Pendle Community High School therefore received £ 11,000

How was the funding spent? How much was allocated? Who were the target pupils? Why did we spend this money in this way?What was the actual impact on these pupils?
Additional literacy based resources to support Yr7 students who require additional intervention including IDL, a multi-sensory, literacy intervention program. £3,00019 students
(Independent and supported learners).
As noted, these students are operating significantly below their mainstream peers in relation to literacy development.IDL has been used to increase the reading and spelling ability of pupils with dyslexia alongside other specific and general learning difficulties. Progress made has also increase the self-esteem of our students and in turn will have an overall greater impact on final outcomes in year 11 and 14. The program is appealing and accessible to students, via i-pads and also on the computers. It has assisted teachers track progress and subsequently plan for specific further intervention. Although the intention was to initially target 19 specific students, the license purchased has unlimited use, so is of wider benefit to many more students.
Additional numeracy based resources to support Yr7 students who require additional intervention £3,00019 students
(Independent and supported learners).
As noted, these students are operating significantly below their mainstream peers in relation to mathematical development.Resources have been purchased to motivate students to engage in maths problem-solving activities and to develop cause and effect skills. Some of these include outdoor resources (water wall and guttering) aimed to increase greater curiosity leading to more effective exploration and meaningful application of problem solving strategies and thinking skills. Students now have a greater opportunity to develop these skills through learning cause and effect as well as allowing them to experiment and develop imaginative and creative thinking which plays an important role in problem-solving. These resources also support traditional maths concept in learning about measurement (particularly quantity, capacity and flow) and time. These are being utilised to close the gap for most able learners in mathematical development between all our Year 7 students with learning difficulties and national average (mainstream).
Access to 8x literacy based ‘Forest School’ activities.£2,00019 students
(Independent and supported learners).
Most of our students require multi-faceted ways of reinforcing learning and benefit significantly from outdoor, practical activities.Year 7 students were due to access 6x literacy focused Forest School sessions in Marsden Park during the early summer term, when the weather was lighter, warmer etc. However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions this plan is highly likely to be postponed until early Autumn 2020. The purchase was based on last year’s success, of students being able to access an alternative approach to literacy based skills and actively engaging students who were reluctant to approach some aspects of literacy. Students who accessed forest schools also showed an improvement in their self-belief, resilience and abilities to work as a team was tested. Students acquired language skills which simply couldn’t have been possible to do in the classroom environment, including some students who previously lacked confidence in expressing their ideas, became confident in leading activities such as explaining step by step instructions to build a rope swing. The development of Oracy skills was also particularly significant.
Specialist communication resource ‘Clicker’ . This Literacy writing solution allows students to access various elements of literacy curriculum with the right level of support and challenge for them. It is a resource which can be used to improve early reading and writing, to more independent writing. £1,5003 students - Supported learners.Clicker is a child-friendly writing tool that enables students of all abilities to significantly develop their literacy skills. It also links to Eye Gaze – which these students use to further assist their communication. ‘Clicker 7’ was purchased for 20 computers across school, alongside which teachers received 1-hour training on the resource. ‘Clicker 7’ has enabled some these identified student’s to access writing in a way that hadn’t been previously available to them. As a result of using ‘Clicker 7’ to support these specific students, it became evident that the program would be beneficial for more students across school and college, so this our license has now been upgraded for use on all computers and iPads.
Specialist communication resources for 3x students with complex/ sensory needs (e.g. site licence for ‘Choose-it Maker’ ( to be installed on several devices), three iPads to be used for sole purpose of communication devices, augmentative communication apps, step-by-step Big Macks etc).£1,5003 students-
Experiential learners.
These students require specialist equipment to help facilitate basic communication and choice making strategies, which these resources would proactively support.3 additional iPads were purchased to enable the development of early communication skills with our experiential learners. To accompany this, PCHSC purchased a user licence for 'My Choice Pad', an app which has enabled learners to develop their abilities to communicate using symbols that translate into speech. 'My Choice Pad' login has been highly personalised to meet individual needs as can be tailored to suit individual communication , ability levels preferences, etc.
We have also funded a site licence for ‘Choose-It Maker 3’ to enable not only the identified Yr 7 students, but all learners across the school to access it. This resource offers choice making facilities to enable students to have more control over their environment / experiences / activities etc. This has been utilised as an interactive morning register, where students 'check-in' with their photographs and state how they are feeling. It has also been used to create stories and songs where the student is in control over what is happening next. Similarly staff have utilised this to make shopping lists during cooking sessions and generally enhance learning in the wider school community.

Total spent £11,000



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