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REMINDER: If you or a member of your household goes for a COVID-19 test because they have symptoms; please keep your son/ daughter at home until the result comes back.
If you have any concerns or anxieties about what is happening in school, please contact the school in the first instance.
If your child is sent home to isolate from school this also means they have to isolate from all other activities, events & occasions.
If your child is entitled to FSM and is required to isolate, you will be provided with a food parcel from the school kitchen.


‘’Within our special learning community of Pendle, we strive always to create a caring and inclusive environment. We support life-long learning, celebrate individual achievement and provide equal opportunities for all.’’



The school Governing Body promotes and ensures that the school is best placed to meet the needs of the pupils within its care. The Governors actively encourage strong links between school and the community and promote a holistic and inclusive approach for all pupils and students.

The staff at PCHS are always helpful and happy to help, any concerns raised are always dealt with promptly. A fantastic school overall that wants the best for pupils and families.

Parent, 2018

School Evaluation Feedback


We aim to provide all of our pupils with equal opportunity to take part in active learning opportunities regardless of race, gender, culture, religion or SEND. To do this we provide well-resourced classes, a stimulating and purposeful environment and a whole school curriculum that meets individual need.

We aim to provide a safe, secure and caring environment for all pupils despite their learning or physical difficulties. To do this we have a strong Health and Safety team, we regularly review care plans and any bespoke behaviour and positive handling plans. We ensure our Safeguarding is of the highest standard and work in partnership with external professionals.

We aim to provide an inclusive learning environment for our pupils by enabling all to have inclusive experiences either within our school or within our co-located mainstream High School. We ensure our teachers and support assistants have regular pertinent CPD which is monitored for impact upon teaching and learning. We provide them with knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of all our pupils through a well matched and highly engaging curriculum.



We aim to support all pupils’ learning needs and assist them in maximising their physical, emotional and social skills. Our broad and balanced curriculum is flexible, thoroughly planned and encompasses differentiation in teaching and learning styles.

We see all pupils as individuals. We plan for each individual and monitor and track progress and ensure all their needs are being met.

Within School we aim to provide support of the highest quality in terms of behaviour modification, enhancing communication, postural management and emotional support and well-being.

We aim to ensure all of our young people leave school or college ready to take a place within the community that meets their needs and aspirations.



We aim to operate an efficient and effective school and college that meets the needs of the pupils, students, parents, staff and the wider campus and community. To do this we will ensure our communication systems are well-organized and meet the needs of all, that we regularly review our practice through the School Self Evaluation and that we share our development plans with the appropriate stakeholders. We will ensure all staff have supportive Appraisal on an annual basis and that any development needs stemming from this are addressed. The school financial system will be co-ordinated by a senior manager and monitored to ensure that funds are being used to support the best teaching and learning and are value for money.



Pendle Community High School & College
Pendle Vale Campus, Oxford Road, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 8LF
Tel: 01282 682260

Receptionist: Chelsea Watson
E-mail: reception@pchs.lancs.sch.uk
Chair of Governors: Trevor Ashton (Address c/o above)



Paper copies of the information on our website can be requested via email