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Learning Disability Week 2018 is from 18 to 24 June and will be all about health – with a big focus on Treat me well.

People with a learning disability tend to have poorer physical and mental health than the general population. Simple changes in hospital care can make a big difference – better communication, more time and clearer information. We know the treatment people with a learning disability get in hospital is still not good enough in many parts of the country. This has to change.

1200 people with a learning disability die avoidably in hospital, each and every year. Mencap campaign, Treat me well, calls on NHS staff to make reasonable adjustments for people with a learning disability which can help to save lives.

Health and people with a learning disability

The health inequalities experienced by people with a learning disability are partly caused by poor quality healthcare. In addition, there are a number of health conditions that people with a learning disability are more likely to experience, including epilepsy, dementia and respiratory disease.

Mencap have split the research and statistics on health and learning disability into 3 main topics:

  • health inequalities
  • mental health
  • common associated conditions