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We are delighted to announce that on 25th July 2018, Pendle Community High School & College was awarded the National Autistic Society – Autism Accreditation Award.

Accredited status is awarded to provisions where staff have a good working knowledge of methods and approaches which produce positive outcomes for people with autism. PCHS&C have been working towards gaining the award over the past three years, continuing to develop and refine our practice throughout.

Particular areas of strength on the report included the following:

  • Good links with the local community provides students with a breadth of experiences beyond the classroom, for example Firefighters, work with Burnley Football Club, Asda Community links and the new initiative of reading ambassadors.
  • Lessons are well thought through, with clear differentiation and creative approaches which ensured students were engaged in learning and teaching staff provided an appropriate balance of support and challenge.
  • Micro-transitions were well managed, students were given opportunity to transition with differentiated levels of support, and independently, as appropriate.
  • Training and development is robust and the school have been supportive of key staff developing autism specific knowledge and skills that is disseminated to all staff and used to inform practice.
  • The senior leadership team have a clear vision for the school and college and are striving to be the best that they can be. The provision has robust systems which support the cycle of assessment, practice and review.
  • Relationships between students and between staff and students were very positive. Students help each other and were respectful and polite to staff and visitors alike.

This is another fabulous recognition of the amazing and constantly developing work undertaken at our outstanding school. Well done and thank you to everyone who has contributed towards this accreditation in any way – it is very well deserved!


Chris Lingard – Headteacher