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Open Evening – 23rd May 4pm – 5.30pm please call 01282 682260 for more information
Please let us know by 8.15am if your child is going to be absent from school by telephoning 01282 682260 and choosing option 1. Alternatively you can use the parent app or email attendance@pchs.lancs.sch.uk.
Open Evening – 23rd May 4pm – 5.30pm please call 01282 682260 for more information
Open Evening – 23rd May 4pm – 5.30pm please call 01282 682260 for more information

Post 16 Curriculum Offer

LEARNERS join a study programme suitable for their needs pre entry to Level 2  

Independent Learners are students who are able to communicate with fluency and who are able to make reasoned choices, work and act co-operatively in small groups and with varying support, work independently. These students are on study programmes focussed on helping them achieve qualifications, (Entry level 2 and above), and a study programme that helps them prepare for employment and adult life. This study programme may include accreditation in the form of AQA Unit Awards and National Programmes such as the Gateway Award. The qualifications for these students may include: Literacy, numeracy and ICT, skills for independence, including independent living and employment / work. This study programme is accredited from Entry Level 2 up Level 2

My sons current tutor is very keyed into her students and they feel confident to approach her with their concerns and for guidance.

Parent, 2018

College Evaluation Feedback

Supported Learners:  are students whose learning is supported through structured patterns of communication and social activity to enable them to develop positive social behaviour. For our supported learners, severe and/or complex needs, a study programme to develop independent living skills is appropriate. This applies to students for whom either substantial qualifications or preparation for independent employment are not, at this stage in their lives, a suitable option. Study programmes leading to qualifications at entry level 2 and above are not suitable for these learners. The study programme for supported learners includes:  life skills to promote their personal skills for living as independently as possible within the parameters of their individual needs, work related learning opportunities / work skills required for unpaid employment / volunteering and community projects. Continued development of their communication / literacy , numeracy , ICT Skills to support and underpin their personal and life skills. This study programme may include accreditation in the form of AQA Unit Awards and National Programmes such as the Gateway Award.

Experiential Learners: are students whose needs are met primarily through experiences and activities which are multi-sensory and stimulate learning through kinaesthetic approaches and the senses of touch, hearing, taste, sight and smell. (These learners are at the early stages of development P4). Experiential learners focus on communication (their preferred mode), physical development needs and independence / leisure. These learners access a study programme where they can achieve unit awards to celebrate their achievements, it is highly personalised with a focus on access to appropriate resources such as rebound and hydrotherapy.

All learners have access to external agencies according to need as set out in their EHCP; the transition team, speech and language therapy support, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hearing and visually impaired advisory service, multi-sensory impaired specialist teacher and community nursing services.

My son has had a wonderful time at college and will miss it terribly. I would like to thank all of the staff for all that you have done with your help and guidance he has turned out to be a nice, well-rounded person.

Parent, 2018

College Evaluation Feedback

In addition to the core curriculum for learners accessing Pendle Community College offers opportunities in the following:

  • Employer encounters via work place visits, employer networking events, employer visits, talks from employees from different employment roles
  • Work related learning opportunities via our own college café, community shop/ café, mini- enterprise, fundraising events, volunteering, community action projects and supporting lunch clubs in school
  • Serial and block work experience placement opportunities (internal opportunities and external providers)
  • Access to the PCHS and C counselling service.
  • Personalised learning packages
  • Individual education plans and personalised targets.
  • Student Council events e.g. fundraising, open afternoons
  • 14 to 19 groups (KS 4 and 5) –e.g. Duke of Edinburgh,Mini enterprise activities, Fire Cadets,
  • Students are taught alongside peers with similar needs with plenty of opportunities for socialising and peer to peer support

For any employers wishing to support this activity – please contact Jenny Bayliss, Deputy Headteacher on 01282682260.

Business Disability Forum – Full membership list April 17


Pendle Community High School & College
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Tel: 01282 682260

Headteacher: Debra Grogan
Chair of Governors: Trevor Ashton (Address c/o above)

Receptionist: Samantha Gray (M,T,W)
Alison Boothman (T,F)
E-mail: reception@pchs.lancs.sch.uk


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