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Zak tells us all about his holiday in Wales and what he got up to during the rest of his holiday after he got home, including playing on his ‘super cool’ Nintendo! Off you go, Zak!

“On my holidays, I went to Wales and it was hot out there. In Wales we stayed at our hotel called ‘The Cornerhouse Apartment’ in Llandudno. After we unpacked our things inside our hotel, we were playing games and watching some television. I like to play games with Sara Ameen, my little sister, because we got bored having driven all the way from England to Wales. When we had watched some television and played games, me and Sara Ameen went to sleep because we had to wake up early for going to the seaside. My mum was watching me to see if I was sleeping or not, otherwise I might get told off!

First day in Wales…

When we woke up we started playing games and I had fun playing games with Sara Ameen. Then my mum, my dad and my big brother Ummair Mohammed woke up because we needed to get ready to go to the seaside. At the seaside we didn’t have time to go on the rides; instead we went to the arcade games room where I played some games with Sara Ameen and Ummair Mohammed.

Second day in Wales…

When we got up we were getting changed to go back home. When Sara Ameen and Ummair Mohammed had got changed, we all got in the car but we had to do some hard work like packing stuff, putting it in the luggage inside our car. When we got to the motorway we were sleeping because we were tired from getting up really early. When we got back home we all went to sleep except me and my dad. I was playing on my laptop because I got bored when we were driving back home.

While I was at home I was actually creating a game. The game that I made wasn’t too good because I was new to Lua scripting, which is a computer programming language and I didn’t watch any of the video before that told me how to do it. After that I learned some of the Lua scripting and then I was okay.

When I was back at my house I didn’t do much work, but I played games on my Nintendo 3DS. When I was playing with my Nintendo 3DS, I was playing a variety of games which were really good and were so easy to play. When we were eating I left the 3DS downstairs because I like to play it downstairs. My Nintendo 3DS is so cool, as it has three-dimensional effects! It is better than the other DS.

When I was still at my house I was asking my mum “Can we do some baking with my little sister Sara?” She said that she couldn’t because she needs to do some stuff at my aunt’s new house.

My favourite song at the moment is ‘Stressed Out’ by Twenty One Pilots and my favourite food is roti flatbread with chawal rice.”

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