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**Please note drop off time for students is now between 8:50am – 9:05am and collection time is between 2:55pm – 3:10pm**
PLEASE NOTE – any concerns can be submitted via the WHISPER button; they must contain your contact details so that the senior leadership team are able to follow up any concerns.
PCHS&C are OUTSTANDING in all areas – Ofsted 2017


What is Pupil Premium funding?

Pupil Premium is additional funding allocated to publicly funded schools to help raise the achievements of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. Pupil premium funding is available to both mainstream and special schools. Schools decide how the pupil premiums funding is to be spent and are held accountable for their use of the additional monies to support pupils from low-income families and the impact this has on their achievement/attainment. Children who are eligible for pupil premium funding are:

  • Children currently registered as eligible for free school meals due to family circumstances including those children eligible for free school meals at any point in the past 6 years.
  • Looked After Children
  • Children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces


Pendle Community High School was expected to receive: –

  • Pupil Premium Plus £4,600 Based on 2 x Post LAC
  • Indicative Pupil Premium Grant £35,530 Based on 38 x E6FSM pupils (@£935 each)
  • PPG – Out County £5,046

Totalling: £45,176

What are the barriers to attainment?

  • Specific learning difficulties
  • Speech language  and social communication needs
  • Medical/ Physical / sensory needs and associated conditions
  • Social, emotional and mental health
  • Limited Life skills/ Independence/ Social enrichment
How was the funding
How much was allocated?Target pupils?Why did we spend the money in this way?What was the impact on these pupils?
Family Liaison Officer£ 11,500All pupils eligibleProvide active family based support and interventions for students that sit below the threshold of CSC statutory including TAFs and home visits.
Provide assistance to PCHS and early intervention to children and families when social or family circumstances are causing the child to struggle with education, health and social development.
Specific FLO engagement with families has included: Five Ways to Well-being (with external visitors); Coffee morning with ASD Centre; Relax course for parents/carers (LCC Adult Learning; New starter joint home visits with school Nurse’ Regular home visits-attendance, family support, safeguarding; Meetings-CIN, Educational Reviews, TAF meetings, Professional meetings and Referral to Early Help Triple P Parenting group.
Direct pupil well-being support has included: Managing Worries/Problem solving; Sand play; My star and Drawing and talking.

This pro-active and reactive input with families and children has led to increased attendance and parental engagement with school; targeted early intervention and prevention of possible referral to social care.
Concerns addressed that may contribute to issues with school, home, community setting. Improved outcomes for young people and families.
Mental health and wellbeing including Thrive:£5,125
(- £2,730 for 2x HLTA equ
re.9 day training;
- £520 ?
On-line system fee
- £1,875
Wellbeing resources / new room).
All pupils eligibleAll CLA and some PP funded students have experienced social and emotional trauma leading to attachment difficulties and low self - esteem and confidence. Several have associated behavioural issues and poor social skills.There has been enhanced social development and interaction and improved emotional well-being. 5 students in particular have demonstrated a reduction in frequency, severity and generalisation of inappropriate behaviour.
The majority of the staff team also now have additional strategies and methods to engage with students in crisis to more quickly de-escalate a situation and support the student to more quickly reengage with learning. These strategies actively promote and increase pupils’ confidence, resilience and knowledge so that they can keep themselves mentally healthy.
Individualised bespoke professional counselling and support tailored to the individual social, emotional & behavioural needs of students e.g. anger management and emotional well-being.£11,50025 pupils identified

(30 min sessions x 16 wks)
All CLA and some PP funded students have experienced social and emotional trauma leading to attachment difficulties and low self - esteem and confidence. Several have associated behavioural issues and poor social skills.The School Counsellor has undertaken 4-6 set appointments per day worked, alongside a smaller number of drop-in sessions. These have included focus on students with problems identified in the following areas: personal; family, peer group, educational behavioural and anger management related.. Individual counselling has been positively evaluated by students and in many cases has led to enhanced social development and interaction and improved emotional well-being. For several individuals there has been a reduction in frequency, severity and generalisation of inappropriate behaviour. For one student this has also supported a change of placement to a more suitable therapeutic provision.
Small group music therapy & individualised lessons.£5,125All pupils eligible can accessTo address numerous social interaction and communication needs through the medium of music singing and signing).This weekly input has not only developed musical abilities and talents (at individual and group level), but also led to improved social interaction and communication skills.
Enhancing sensory regulation equipment for learners with enhanced sensory needs (inc Autism).£5,60025 pupils identifiedThe ability to integrate information effects many students in terms of their learning, social participation, self-regulation and ultimately their self-confidence and self-esteem. When there are disturbances in an individual’s Sensory Integration, these functional domains can be adversely affected. Therefore, identified learners’ are under-responsive to sensation. As a result, they seek out more intense or longer duration sensory experiences. They often have difficulty with sensory registration and integration which manifests as a sensory craver or seeker needing an excessive amount of sensory input to get a normal central nervous system response and brain chemical release.Resources purchased and associated activities such as using the weighted jacket, rollers’, proprioceptive activities and iPad’s have been encouraged in short amounts of time and repeated periodically through the day, as a calming or organisational input.
The most powerful and long lasting activities for these students have included deep pressure touch, joint compression or traction, movement and heavy work.
Enrichment activities - Residentials£3,400
(sum of money to offer subsidy towards )
17x Yr8/9
Ullswater + 1 x KS4 Ullswater
= 18 pupils @ £200 each
Due to family circumstances, many students have not had the opportunities to experience a range of enrichment activities which will reinforce learning.It was anticipated that the residential planned for end March/Beginning April would have helped improve social interaction, confidence and self-esteem, alongside enhanced independence and self-help skills. However, unfortunately due to COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown, this trip had to be cancelled. £1,500 of this money was diverted to provide FSM for these students who were not attending school (prior to Government scheme being put in place).
Enrichment activities -After School Clubs£2,926
ASC discount plus free transport
All pupils eligible can access £10 red.d rate/termDiscounted after school clubs (£5/term) plus free local transport included.Once again these activities have helped to support social interaction, confidence and self-esteem.

Total spent: £45,176


Pendle Community High School & College
Pendle Vale Campus, Oxford Road, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 8LF
Tel: 01282 682260

Receptionist: Chelsea Watson
E-mail: reception@pchs.lancs.sch.uk
Chair of Governors: Trevor Ashton (Address c/o above)



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