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If you have any concerns or anxieties about what is happening in school, please contact the school in the first instance.
If your child is sent home to isolate from school this also means they have to isolate from all other activities, events & occasions.
If your child is entitled to FSM and is required to isolate, you will be provided with a food parcel from the school kitchen.


This project intended to raise awareness on environmental pollution and the exhaustion of natural resources. There were 4 partner schools (UK, Turkey, Spain and Bulgaria) and this project aimed to help students develop their skills to gain a better understanding of environmental issues as well as to improve the students’ abilities in using ICT resources and foreign languages through various activities.

These general objectives were to be achieved by our students through different activities that would allow them to explore the general themes of the project in various possible approaches (historical, social, environmental, cultural etc.) such as:

  • taking photos or researching environmental issues such as pollution, landscape, drought, soil etc.
  • becoming involved in environmental projects such as recycling in schools and at home.
  • carrying out activities in which pupils learned how to protect the environment
  • looking at renewable energy and making models from junk

The project also aimed to help teachers in their pedagogical efforts to introduce high quality contributions to the teaching/ learning process, to provide and exchange informative materials involving elements of culture, civilisation and educational systems from the partner countries.

It was designed to stimulate children’s creativity, understanding, tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and help them build a sound knowledge of nature and environmental values.
Through this project, pupils would also get to know about different European cultures as well as learning about how to care for the environment.

Students and teachers had to use English as the communication language of the project during the project visits and in creating the materials for the partners. The mobility’s and exchanges of activity presentations has increased all partner schools’ knowledge and awareness of the differences in culture and of the importance of breaking down barriers and moving all towards a more tolerant society This project has helped develop skills and key competences which are needed to be a global citizen in relation to education for sustainable development.  Students were asked to deal with environmental problems and find a solution for them and so they could develop their abilities and skills to create, design or find a way of solving a problem. They would learn how to deal with global issues on a local scale and how to persuade and inform others not to be wasteful and to be aware of and contribute to necessary solutions to local problems.

Students presented some projects related to the topic “My Dream Environment”, “Environmental issues” and also presented power points about “Sustainable Buildings “ in which they pointed out the importance of saving energy in our daily life just by carefully planning the construction of houses, relying on the power of natural resources such as the sun and finding resourceful ways of reusing the household products.

Students displayed and also exchanged some typical, handmade objects from recycled goods as gifts to the other students. Digital competences were also improved for staff and pupils with the creation of PowerPoints/ blog/ website/ video presentations and using media for regular communication such as email and Skype Through the motilities pupils had the opportunities to experience other cultures first hand and have a clearer understanding of the differences and similarities. All pupils then fed back to the school for others to gain a similar insight. The chance to experience a mobility is an unforgettable and immeasurable memory.


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