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Lockdown has been difficult for many people. But when we were
in full lockdown across the UK things might have felt more certain,
as the rules were more clear. Now things might start feeling less
clear, and there may be new challenges
Autistic people in particularly may struggle with leaving their
homes and returning back to school, work and community
activities in a world that can seem both familiar and changed.

The National Autistic Society has produced a guide for teachers
on preparing for an autistic pupil’s return to school as well as top
tips for autsitic people and their families. They also have advice for
autistic people on going to the supermarket.
Dare has produced information for employers to help them
understand some of the difficulties autistic employees may
experience returning back to work.

Click download to see how the booklet offers some further ideas and resources which
may be helpful for professionals and families supporting autistic
people. No resource is right for autistic people and often it is the
case of getting ideas but remembering the best resources are
those which are adapted and personalised.

Click to download