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Welcome to my first Newshounds article of 2019-2020! It’s that time once again of a new school year, which means a whole new batch of articles to publish! There’s a bunch of great articles that I’ve planned for this year, so before we dive into this article, let’s recap which articles I published last year!

We started off the previous year with a Q&A about myself, where students could give me questions to answer! Let’s say there were some interesting ones in there! Christmas was approaching at a rapid pace and before the big day arrived, we delved into the history of Apple’s iPhone and we realised how far technology has come since the late 2000’s. After that, we entered the construction site to delve into the deepest blueprints of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s latest rollercoaster ICON! Finally, we all came as one to choose which article to be published next. We ended up taking look at the history of Sonic The Hedgehog at Alton Towers, which covered over a quarter of a century to produce!

Anyways enough rambling on, let’s get the ball rolling! Nowadays, gaming has come an extremely long way since its inception, but back in the ‘90’s we were restricted in technology compared to what we have today.
However, today we are going to look at singlehandedly THE game that brought the world of 3D to home consoles. Welcome to the making of…STARFOX.

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