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PLEASE NOTE – any concerns during school closure can be submitted via the WHISPER button; they must contain your contact details so that the senior leadership team are able to follow up any concerns.
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Following the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus and further ‘lock down’ announced by Boris Johnson – Prime Minister on Monday 23rd March 2020, PCHS&C has fully supported the Government statement that every child who can be safely cared for at home should be. As such our student numbers in school dropped significantly in the days following this announcement, and from w/c 30th March, school will now only be open on a Tuesday and Friday for previously identified students (including children of Critical Workers), and closed on all other days. This 2-day arrangement is likely to stay in place for the remainder of the lock-down’ period – which none of us currently know for how long this will be. We will also be closing school for the full two weeks over Easter, as originally planned. 

We appreciate this situation is extremely difficult and challenging for everyone – not least yourself as parents and carers. We will keep updating our website with ideas you may like to try with your child to keep them both learning and entertained.

Please note that all staff (including key staff) continue to work at home when not in school, so if you require any specific help or support, please feel free to contact us using the form below, and we will ensure this gets passed to the correct member of staff for them to respond accordingly. 

Many thanks as always for your understanding in this unprecedented situation. Please keep yourself and your family safe.

Chris Lingard – Headteacher

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PCHS&C are continuing to ask parents to provide appropriate supervision whilst their children are online, including using text messaging, snap chat, Instagram etc.

During this time of uncertainty, one thing we can assist with, is providing a resource to help your children stay safe online. Our school currently has access to excellent online Parent e-Safety courses. Now, with the majority of pupils at home and using the internet, would be an excellent time for parents and carers to take the course so they can help their children stay safe online. All you have to do to access the course is click the following link: 


Login in simple, just click on the link and enter your name, the child’s name and an email address.



On the left is a suggestion for a routine that would be suitable at home to provide your child with the structure they are used to in school / college. This has only been provided as a suggestion and is in no way mandatory.

The ‘Students Hub’ section of our website has a range of links and activities for your child to access whilst at home, we hope you find some of them useful. We will be updating these pages regularly, so keep popping back to see if there are any updates. 


At this uncertain time, many of our families have been asking about recipes that are healthy and simple enough to make whilst isolating. Here is the first of hopefully many recipes we will be posting on our school social media and website. We know that some ingredients are difficult if not impossible to find in the shops at the moment, so the recipe is based around what we hope you may have in the cupboards or can find in a local shop. We have kept to quantities of ingredients where we can, as we are unsure if people have scales at home to measure. The important thing is to be brave, change the recipe to what you have available or prefer and just give it a go. Don’t forget all students in PCHS&C have a cooking lesson every week and will surprise you with their cooking skills and knowledge and now is the time to let them show you what they have learned in school. Feedback on the recipe would be appreciated and if you have your own version let us know, you never know, it may end up in our planning files to deliver to classes!


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