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Lancashire Special School Headteachers have been working alongside NHS representatives, special school nurses and LCC to produce an updated Medicines in School Policy and Guidance which is based on the DfE Medicines in School Guidance.

As part of this work we require feedback from a range of stakeholders including parents / carers of children and young people who attend a special school within Lancashire.

This policy / guidance is particularly relevant to parents / carers who have children with medical needs. We would also appreciate feedback from parents /carers if your son / daughter does not have any medical needs.

The Policy / Guidance is still a draft version and the group working on its production are still open to change any aspects of the following stakeholder feedback.

We would be grateful if you could complete the feedback form attached and return it to cypcommissioningadmin@lancashire.gov.uk or head@pchs.lancs.sch.uk by Friday 22nd October 2021. If you require a paper version then please let us know. Any paper copies should also be sent back to school by Friday 22nd October 2021 so they can be sent back to LCC.

DOWNLOAD – Draft Special School Nursing Policy

DOWNLOAD – SSN Policy Letter from LCC

DOWNLOAD – Parent / Carer Feedback Form